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“Native tribe to get back land 160 years after largest mass hanging in US history.”

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Upper Sioux Agency state park in Minnesota, where bodies of those killed after US-Dakota war are buried, to be transferred Golden prairies and winding rivers of a Minnesota state park also hold the secret burial sites of Dakota people who died as the United States failed to fulfill treaties with Native Americans more than a century ago. Now their descendants are getting the land back. The state i
Twice re-elected and comfortable in her political skin, the Democratic congresswoman makes clear that Biden can’t take progressives for granted The campaign office of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sits deep in the Bronx, across the street from a Chinese takeaway and 99-cent discount store, near enough to a railway bridge to hear the rumble of passing trains. The front window of the plain redbrick buil
Circuit court judge rules proposal ‘results in the diminishment of Black voters’ ability to elect their candidate of choice’ A judge in Florida has ruled in favor of voting rights groups that filed a lawsuit against a congressional redistricting map approved by Ron DeSantis in 2022. Voting rights groups had criticized the map for diluting political power in Black communities. In the ruling, Leon


British world No 123 in fourth round of a slam for first time 21-year-old has recovered from summer shoulder problem As the rest of the top 100 tennis players moved on from the clay courts of the French Open to the lawns of Wimbledon and beyond, Jack Draper was nowhere to be seen. During his first-round match against Tomás Etcheverry in Paris at the end of May, he had picked up a problem with his
At least one death after severe weather that flooded streets, prompted various water rescues and shut down portion of I-15 Las Vegas residents on Sunday were drying out after two days of heavy rainfall that flooded streets, prompted various water rescues, shut down a portion of Interstate 15 south of the city and possibly resulted in at least one death. The National Weather Service in Las Vegas i
Tim Kaine says clause on ‘insurrection against the constitution’ could preclude ex-president from running in next year’s election Democratic senator Tim Kaine of Virginia said that he believes there is a “powerful argument” to be made that Donald Trump can be disqualified from running in the 2024 presidential elections under the 14th amendment. “In my view, the attack on the Capitol that day was
Lithuania have been constant thorn in side of Americans Both teams had already qualified for next round USA will play Italy in Tuesday’s quarter-finals The US are going to the Paris Olympics next summer. Lithuania made sure that was the only good development for the Americans on Sunday night, when they pulled off a Basketball World Cup stunner. Vaidas Kariniauskas scored 15 points, Mindaugas Kuzm
Updates from Sunday’s action at Flushing Meadows Get in touch: email Daniel or tweet him your thoughts Muchova makes 40-0 but two tame points and Wang has a sniff at 40-30, al the more so facing a second serve … which completes a deuce-inducing double. From there, though, an overhead from a way back, superbly despatched, is followed by a backhand winner cross-court right onto the line and that’s
The top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell, 81, has suffered high-profile lapses but Democrats are reluctant to question his age when Joe Biden, 80, is America’s oldest president The question was simple: what are your thoughts about running for re-election in 2026? “Oh,” said Mitch McConnell with a half-chuckle, a mumble and then: silence. The most powerful Republican in the US Senate stared into
Whatever the problem, some TikToker or YouTuber is offering to solve it. How did a wonder of science end up in the hands of astrologers and witches? I’ve just been doing my semi-regular roundup of what’s new in the world of woo-woo, so let me fill you in. Grazia has a “$15k an hour intuition coach” teaching A-listers to tap into their sixth sense, which is a little tame, but I struck gold with th
National wealth can mask, or even create, other problems. After all, we’re more than an economy: we’re a society Now, more than ever, complaining about the state of the country is one of the main ways that Britain talks about itself. But in all the endless exchanges about the decay of public services and the cost of living, there is one theme that typically is raised only briefly before the conve
Keep our Republic aims to educate voters about elections and democracy, while North of 29 pushes debunked fraud claims In Wisconsin, two groups of activists are touring the state spreading seemingly opposing information about the state’s election system. One of them, led by a former Republican state senator, aims to restore trust in the administration and outcomes of elections, while the other re
This kind of behavior is a way to contradict women’s achievements, and knock them down It was a moment of superlative achievement for Jenni Hermoso, the prolific scorer on Spain’s women’s national team. The 2023 tournament was Hermoso’s third World Cup – and, at 33, it may well have been her last. But it was the first Women’s World Cup she had won: in fact, the first Spain ever won. Sweaty and ex
Small liberal arts college is being steadily eroded by a DeSantis-aligned board, in ominous sign for higher studies in a country torn by culture wars When Nicholas Clarkson submitted his letter of resignation as an assistant professor of gender studies at New College of Florida (NCF) on 17 August, he became the 41st faculty member who has chosen not to return to its Sarasota campus during this ye


A proposed ban on abuse of religious objects only helps to silence critics and dissenters Should governments ban the “improper treatment of objects of significant religious importance to a religious community”? That is what the Danish government is suggesting in a new law it announced last week that could see offenders imprisoned for two years. The proposed ban comes after a spate of incidents in
Tens of thousands of ‘burners’ at the Burning Man festival have been told to stay in the camps, conserve food and water and are being blocked from leaving Nevada’s Black Rock desert after a slow-moving rainstorm turned the event into a mud bath. As of noon on Saturday, Nevada’s Bureau of Land Management declared the entrance to Burning Man shut down for good. There was no estimated time for reope
Messi Mania swings through Los Angeles on Sunday night, the city where David Beckham’s leap of faith on a barely profitable league nearly two decades ago made all of it possible On Sunday night, Messi Mania makes its next stop when Inter Miami visit LAFC at BMO Stadium and the latest chapter of the great American soccer superstar experiment comes full circle in Los Angeles. In many ways, the late
Despite their ‘Global Britain’ rhetoric, both the UK’s soft and hard power has diminished under 13 years of Conservative rule For a leader who is under siege at home, travel abroad can offer an alluring escape from domestic woes. When Rishi Sunak flies east this week to attend the G20 summit in New Delhi , he will be glad to put more than 4,000 miles between himself and the cost of living crunch,
Telling a friend or spouse a secret can be complicated. So how about a stranger, who simply bears witness to what you have to say? When you turn up to do a celebrity interview, you never know how it’s going to go. A famous actor known for their openness and jollity might greet you four hours into their film junket with a headache and growling list of notes on the conduct of your newspaper. They mi
Let’s see: he has brought Andrew back into public life, managed to grow his hair longer and, er… Now it’s a year since a glut of articles asking “what kind of king will Charles be?”, maybe it’s not too soon for a first appraisal. Even allowing for the coronation – you try finding a conductor who doesn’t have anger management issues – some differences in reigning quality should by now be evident. H
A trip to Portugal, Britain’s oldest ally, was a painful reminder of the benefits of EU membership The media has been replete this summer with reports of British holidaymakers returning from EU countries proclaiming – and complaining – that our neighbours enjoy a better way of life than is now the case in Brexit Britain. In years gone by a popular English phrase was “mustn’t grumble”. These days
Having children can create a welcome shift in perspectives, not least among politicians So many politicians strive to make the personal the political in their quest to explain how their own life story relates to what they want to do. The hope is that in humanising themselves they become more likeable; the reality is more often realised in clunky cliches than powerful stories. The mayor of London,
Alex de Minaur has surged into the US Open final 16 and is now on the verge of being Australia’s first top 10-ranked male player in 20 years Sit close enough to a tennis court when Alex de Minaur is at full velocity and the sound of shrieking, audible and ever-present during a point, tells the story of the busiest feet in tennis. The shoes of the Australian, who has played with rare verve at the
Australian world No 13 defeats Chile’s Nicolas Jarry 6-1, 6-3, 6-2 De Minaur sets up likely date with 2021 champion Daniil Medvedev Alex de Minaur has showcased his new-found firepower to blast his way into the US Open’s last 16 in New York. Australia’s world No 13 looked a man on a mission as he ruthlessly dismantled seeded Chilean Nicolas Jarry 6-1, 6-3, 6-2 to join Australian wildcard Rinky Hi
Opponents have manufactured different versions of the truth in an effort to disrupt, delay, subvert and confuse See out our voice explainer and the latest voice poll results Over the next six weeks Australians will choose between two very different visions of their society, presented by two very different campaigns. This will go beyond the contest between love and fear , beyond social media versu
Shedeur Sanders passes for 510 yards as 20-point underdogs win Buffs win 45-42 over No 17 TCU, last’s year’s national runner-up Colorado have 87 new players on team after lowly 1-11 season After nine months of hype, Deion Sanders had Colorado ready for prime time in his much-anticipated debut as Buffaloes coach. Shedeur Sanders, the coach’s son, threw for a school-record 510 yards with four touch